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Death The Kid (lemon story)

You are My Everything (Death The Kid)

This is a warning! This story contains some adult stuff so beware!

Lola Daisy Audrey
Born: July 4th
Birthplace: England
Looks: Medium layered black hair with turquoise eyes. Same height as Kid but a little shorter ( up to his neck)Has a perfect curved body ( according to Kid) and is one of the most beautiful girls at the DWMA.
Personality: smart, funny, sometimes gets a temper, but sweet, kind, and protective of her boyfriend and friends. 
Friends:  everyone  at the academy. 
Boyfriend: Death The Kid
ENJOY!!! ;)

You and Kid have been dating for 4 years and it has been going perfect for you both. The two of you have made a vow to not have sex until marriage. But you had the urge to do it with him. You mean he was perfectly sexy in every way. His personality, his looks, and his voice was a such a turn on for you. Kid felt the same way. He wanted to do you so bad but he couldn't force you to do something you weren't ready for. You both have been living together and slept in the same bed, but no sex has happened. But until one both have been sleeping when you were the first to wake up. You felt Kid's arms around you sleeping softly. You couldn't help but smile at how adorable he slept.

Lola: aaawwww....he's so cute  when he sleeps, you thought. All of a sudden, you had an idea of what you wanted to do today. Swimming, and going to Rio De Janeiro. You smiled at that idea. Just spending the day with the love of your life. You looked at him and gave him a softly kiss on his lips and said, "Kid, sweetie, time to get up. Rise and shine." 

He stirred and opened his sexy golden eyes and smile at you.

Kid: "good morning babe."

Lola: "good morning handsome."

He smiles and leans in for a kiss. You kiss him back with love and affection. You two pull apart and looked into each others eyes full of love. You smiled at him as he did the same to you.

Kid: "gosh you are so beautiful in every way. So perfectly symmetrical."

Lola: "so are you, my love. You are my perfectly symmetrical man," You say with a smile.

He smiles back, pecks you on the lips and pulls you toward with a hug which you gradually accepted.

Kid: "what do you want to do today, beautiful?" 

You loved it when  he called you beautiful. It made you feel special.

Lola: "Well, I did want to go swimming today in Rio De Janeiro and spend it  with you." You said looking at him with a smile.

He smirked at you. 

Kid: "So its a date then?"

Lola: "You want to be a date?"

He smiled and said: "Well if it is, then i might as well ask my wonderful girlfriend properly. Lola Daisy Audrey, will you go on a date with me?" 

You grinned at his question and jumped on him kissing him.

Lola: "I would love to, baby."

He grinned and kissed you back.

Kid: "Well let me get up my love so i can spend it with you."

You got off him as you both got up and left to go get ready. Your swimsuit was a bikini and it was yellow just like Kid's eyes. You were wearing a summer dress. It was a strapless neon blue dress that went perfect with your swimsuit. Your hair was in a messy bun with your bangs out to the side. You wore batman sunglasses that matched your swimsuit. Kid had black trunks with skulls on the side. He had a white button top on but the buttons off rshowing off his six pack which you drooled over. He had black sunglasses that matched his trunks. The both of you were ready to go and he saw how beautiful you were.

Kid: "Lola, you look amazingly hot in that."

You blushed at his comment. "Thanks so do you." 

He smiled and took your hand intertwining his fingers with yours.

Kid: "You ready to go my love?"

Lola: "You know it!" You said with excitement!

He chuckled at your expression and you both went on your way to your date.

* At the beach in Rio De Janeiro *

Rio was such a beautiful place. Your father took you here before when you were little. It was so nice coming back and it was such a perfect day too and the water looked absolutely amazing.You and Kid found a spot at the beach and laid your towels down. you took your dress off showing off your swimsuit and laid down deciding getting some tan but first, you needed sunscreen and you knew exactly who you wanted to put some on you.

Lola: "Kid, would you mind and put some sunscreen on me?" You asked seductively. 

Kid: "Of course babe." He replied with a smirk.     

He put some sunscreen on his hand and started massaging you. It felt so good. His hands were so soft, it felt excellent on your skin. He massaged your back, shoulders, and even your arms. He started kissing your neck while putting sunscreen on and massaging you. You bit your lip trying not to moan, but his lips felt so amazing on you. He then was licking your neck and you couldn't hold it in anymore and you gave a small moan. You  felt him smirk on your neck and he continued, making you moan again. You wanted him so bad. You turned around an kissed him. He kissed you back and put his arms around your waist as you put your arms around his neck. He pulled you down so you can be on top and he licked your bottom lip for entrance and you absolutely accepted. He roamed your mouth and played with your tongue which you did as well. After a few minutes of making out, you both pulled away for air looking into each others eyes with a smile.

 Lola: " Wow! That was one of the best make outs ever, hunny!"

Kid: " I know right?! Your kisses just blow me away!"

Lola: " Well you are an amazing kisser!"

Kid: " So are you, sweet cakes! I love you so much."

Lola: " I love you too, baby."

 He smiled and kissed you again with love and passion. You kissed him back and pulled away smiling at him. When you got off him, you both ran to the ocean swimming, splashing, kissing, and having a great time. When the sun was about to set, you both got out of the ocean to grab your things. Kid didn't want to leave and neither did you. You both decided to got out to eat as one of your dates. You two went to an expensive restaurant (remember kid and lola are rich but anyways) and sat down on a table talking, laughing, and eating. The restaurant had a dance floor so you both were dancing. They were playing one of your favorite songs of all time. He grabbed your hand and you both danced slow. Kid's hands were on your hips and your arms were around his neck dancing to the song "My Everything" by 98 Degrees (your and Kid's song)

"The lonliness of nights alone
the search for strength to carry on
my every hope had seemed to die
my eyes had no more tears to cry
then like the sun shining from up above
you surrounded me with your endless love
and all things I couldn't see are now so clear to me

You are my everything
Nothing your love won't bring
My life is yours alone
The only love I've ever known
Your spirit pulls me through
When nothing else will do
Every night I pray
On bended knee
That you will always be
My everything

Now all my hopes and all my dreams
are suddenly reality
you've opened up my heart to feel
a kind of love that's truly real
a guiding light that'll never fade
there's not a thing in life that I would ever trade
for the love you give and wont let go
I hope you'll always know

You are my everything
Nothing your love won't bring
My life is yours alone
The only love I've ever known
Your spirit pulls me through
When nothing else will do
Every night I pray
On bended knee
That you will always be
My everything

You're the breath of life in me
the only one that sets me free
and you have made my soul complete
for all time (for all time)

Kid was gazing at you and he leaned to give you a passionate kiss. You kissed back pulling him closer to deepen the kiss. Kid smiled in the kiss and pulled you closer till your bodies were touching.

You are my everything (you are my everything)
Nothing your love won't bring (nothing your love won't bring)
My life is yours alone (alone)
The only love I've ever known (oh no, no)
Your spirit pulls me through (your spirit pulls me through)
When nothing else will do (when nothing else will do)
Every night I pray (oh, I pray)
On bended knee (on my knee)
That you will always be
be my everything

[chorus repeats]

Every night I pray
down on bended knee
that you will always be
my everything
oh my everything"

You two pulled at away looking into each others eyes. Kid hugged you tight like he never wanted to let you go. You hugged back with a smile on your face. He pulled away and laid his forehead on yours, gazing at you.

Kid: "I love you, Sweetheart." 

Lola: " I love you too, cutie."

He smiled at you and gave you another kiss. You both went to a hotel and got the best room they had. The room was beautiful. It even had a king size bed and a kitchen with food. Kid went to shower first while you were watching TV. After Kid got out, you went in next to shower. When you got out, Kid was already in bed  reading. He was shirtless which you loved seeing.  You smiled and put on your pjs. You laid down next to him putting your head on his chest. He smiled at you as he put down the book. He turned off the lights and wrapped his arms around you kissing your forehead.

Kid: "Did you have fun today, babe?"

Lola: "I sure did, hunny. Thank you so much for today,"  you said with a smile. 

Kid: "Anything for you my love," He said smiling back and leaning in to kiss you. You kissed him back wrapping your arms around his neck. The kiss got rougher and Kid was already on top  making out with you. You pulled away seeing a smirk on Kid's face like he had something planned. 

Lola: "Kid, what are you doing?"   

Kid: "Lola, I want you. I'm ready for you. I understand if your not but I love you so much and I wanna lose it and be my first with-"

You interrupted him but kissing his lips. He was too shock to kiss back. You pulled away and giggled at his expression.

Lola: "Kid, I want you too. You will be my first and you are the only one that can take that. I love you with all my heart and I'm ready to do this with you. I accept. Forget the vow we made and let's just do it." 

Kid: "But Lola, are you sure?"

Lola: "Yes Kid. I'm sure of it." 

He had the biggest smile ever and you giggled. He leaned in to kiss you. You kissed him back with passion putting your arms around his neck to deepen it. He smirked in the kiss and he licked your lips for entrance. You decided to tease him and you kept your mouth closed. He growled and his hands went down your butt and he massaged it making you gasp. He slipped his tongue in and played with your tongue making you moan. He smirked and his hands went to the hem of your tank top and he pulled it over your head taking it off. He took it off and looked at the top of your body licking his lips. You blushed. He kissed your neck giving you a hickey claiming you were his and always will. He pulled and started massaging your big perfectly symmetrical breasts making you moan louder. He sucked on your right nipple making it hard. 

Lola: " Mmmmmmmmm!!!!! Kid! Oh!" You moaned loud. 

He smirked at how you were moaning turning him on even more. He did the same treatment to your left nipple. He pulled away from them and looked down at you with a smirk.

Kid: "Gosh! Your breasts are perfectly round and smooth." 

Lola: You giggled. "Thank you sweetie." But now it's my turn to have some fun," you said seductive. 

Kid: He blushed. "I'm going to enjoy this," he said back seductive. 

You smirked flipping over so you were on top. You were licking his neck and also giving him a mark saying he was yours forever. You went lower and licked his nipples. He moaned which turned you on. You then were grinding on him feeling him harden in his boxers. He moaned out louder saying your name. You smirked and you took off his boxers seeing his member. Your eyes got wide. He was huge! He smirked at your reaction. 

Kid: "You like it don't ya?" 

Lola: "Oh yes!" You said seductive. 

Kid: "Suck on it. It's been waiting for you."

You smirked and lowered your head to his member. You kissed the tip and licking around it teasing him. He couldn't take it that you were teasing him.

Kid: "Baby! Please just suck!" He said moaning/groaning.

You smirked and you took the whole member in your mouth.  You sucked hard and bobbed your head up and down fast while massaging his balls. He bucked his hips making you deep throat. You moaned with his member giving a vibration on it making him moan loud. 

Kid: "Oh Lola!!!! Mmmmmmmm!!! I'm....damn it!!!"

You went faster and he came. You swallowed it all and pulled out. You kissed him making him taste himself while grinding on him. He flipped you over ripping off your shorts and pulled off your panties. He stuck two fingers in your womanhood pumping in and out stretching your walls.

Lola: aahhh.......!!! Kid!!! Oh kid!!! I'm gonna...! Aahhhhh!!!!

He smirked and pumped faster and faster till you came in his fingers. He looked up at you while licking his fingers off. He leaned in again to have you taste yourself doing another hot make out. He pulled away and grabbed a condom from the drawer to put on him. You felt his member on your womanhood ready to go in. You both moaned in pleasure. He looked down at you with a smile. 

Kid: "Are you ready for this?" 

Lola: "Yes...please take me." You said seductive.

Kid: "I'll be gentle, love." 

Lola: "I know..I love you."

Kid: "I love you too."

He kisses you and enters inside you. You cried in pain in the kiss and tears were streaming down your eyes. Kid massaged you till you relaxed a bit. He then moved slowly and you felt the best pleasure you've ever felt. You wrapped your legs around his waist giving him the go to go faster. He slammed into you faster and harder making you jump along with your breasts. He looked at you while he was fucking you. 

Lola: "Oh Kid! Oh yes!!!! Ahhh!!! Yes! Faster! Harder!" 

Kid: "Baby your so tight and wet," he said groaning. 

He kept slamming and going faster in you. You couldn't take it anymore. It felt so amazing! How he was doing it was perfect. And you were driving him insane. How you moved with him, how your breasts moved, everything was amazing. You flipped over so you were on top riding  him hard and fast. 

Kid:  "Oh Lola!!! Your so good!!" 

Lola: "So are you, Kid!!! Ahhhhh!" 

You kept riding him and he grabbed your hips helping guiding you to every thrusts. You both were close to your climax. You both gave your last thrust and both climax colliding your juices.

Kid: "LOLA!!!!!!!!!"

Lola: "OH KID!!!!!!!!!!!" 

You collapsed on top of Kid, breathing hard. You pulled out and laid next to him snuggling next to him. He pulled you close to him exhausted.

Kid: "Baby that was amazing....your amazing..."

Lola: "So are you babe.....that hit the spot...." 

He smiled and kissed you one last time. You hugged him and he hugged you ready to sleep.

Kid: "I love you, my sunshine."

Lola: "I love you too, my prince charming." 

You both smiled and fell asleep. 

                        THE END!!!

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